TL;DR: Even the Russian Communist Party was less bureaucratic than ICSCARDS.

TL;DR: Even the Russian Communist Party was less bureaucratic than ICSCARDS.

ICSCARDS claims that due to the 'Zorgplicht' they want to know who my partner is and wanted to have her co-sign the credit facility I had for years.

I declined because she is not my partner anymore. Since apparently I am stuck in their (re)identification procedure, they still want to have my (ex)partner's pay slip, ID, etc.

So without a notice, they have blocked my creditcard. An actual notice would have been helpful and much appreciated. I could have been on the other side of the planet and be stuck with a blocked creditcard! They did inform me that if I didn't deliver documentation that they would block the card. However since I cancelled the 'Gespreid Betalen Faciliteit', I was assured on the phone that I did not needed to do anything else, which I believed because also in the webportal I could see under 'Taken (Tasks): 0 Taken'.

Yet they still blocked me and would have done so, till the end of my subscription year, and cancel it once my 1-year term is over and I cannot get any restitution. This sheer nerve and audacity of this organization!!!!

The only way ICSCARDS can provide me with a new creditcard if I apply for a new one. I've heard from a customer service representative that my credit capacity is negative(?) so I guess only when pigs fly I can succesfully get a new creditcard.

FYI, I've never had any late payment or otherproblems, always had the same credit limit since 2010 and my income doubled while my living costs stayed the same. So how they calculated a negative credit score for me, is simply beyond my comprehension.

Apparently also for the CSR, because I was told: "... it's a very, very complicated complex algorithm I am not authorized to see the actual calculation...".

Like I said, really horrible service. Avoid ICSCARDS at all costs.

You are better off contracting the bubonic plague than being a 'customer' at this horrendous organization!!

You are better off humping a cactus with 2 inch needles than coming closer than 5 blocks of this arrogant self-focused organization!

You have better chances of success getting a 3-course meal in a gulag than empathy and (customer) service than this 'I-wouldn't-wipe-my-behind-with-this-organization-even-if-I-am-out-of-TP' organization.

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They are ubiquitous in the Dutch market, only alternatives are Rabobank, ABN-Amro, ING Bank or Prepaid cards (Bunq, N26, etc.)

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Every time you talk to someone else from the Customer Service, you get a slightly different story, why they can't/won't/wouldn't solve their problem and instead turn it around and make it YOUR problem.

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Same here.
I had had the Visa card for over 20 years and
have been a responsible client.
All of a sudden that wasn't good enough anymore.

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