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Hey guys and everybody here , I got card , now I am waiting to get that money to pay 90 euros , I don't have money and don't have passport , am just refugee with no fucking rights like credit card , so I think this is useful ? To pay online like ebay and marktplaats .. And receiving money from western union or moneygram? And selling something in the internet ? And how can I pay this 90 to them ? I don't have anything like paybal or online accounts !!! And what about that debt stuff ? I think they can catch mine and play with it ! I don't have money , I am asylum seeker ...! Thank you guys , I need your answers really , If I have money (90€) it will be just cash , in my pocket , how can I put it in card or give it to them , this thieves haha( I was reading all reviews ) but I need this card to use it online , so I have to deal with this mf thieves

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I don't know

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I have some unclear from the comments